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Job : August 16, 2022

Student records

APS parents and guardians have the right to access their child’s education records as required by law.

The Family Right to Education and Protection of Privacy Act, known as FERPA, is a federal law protecting the privacy of student education records.

Albuquerque Public Schools recognizes the rights of parents and guardians to access their students’ education records under FERPA. Students aged 18 and over or emancipated can also access their file.

The following is a summary of the FERPA notice in the APS Handbook for Student Success 2022-2023.

Recording rights

Parents, guardians and students aged 18 and over or emancipated have the right to:

  • inspect and review student academic records
  • request that a school correct records it deems inaccurate
  • a formal hearing if a school decides not to change the case
  • include a statement challenging a decision not to modify the record

Publication of recordings

FERPA Allows Schools to Disclose Student Information without consent to the following:

  • School officials with a legitimate educational interest
  • Other educational institutions where the student is enrolled or seeks to enroll
  • Federal, state or local education authorities
  • The appropriate parts related to financial aid for the student
  • Certain state or local officials
  • Accreditation bodies
  • Organizations conducting studies for or on behalf of the school
  • Court order or subpoena
  • Competent officials in the event of a health or safety emergency

In addition, two federal laws require the district to provide student directory information to military and higher education institutions unless families opt out.

Third parties not exempted by FERPA must receive written permission to disclose student records.

The APS Custodian of Records responds to requests for records. Personally identifiable information is removed from responses to third party requests.

Student Directory Information

Directory information includes:

  • Student name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • School
  • To note
  • Year of graduation
  • Eligibility and participation in officially recognized activities
  • Height and weight of sports team members
  • Honors and awards
  • Directories
  • Identification in visual media, including photographs, videotapes and visual images, illustrating school programs or activities
  • Student ID numbers (with some exceptions)

School and District Publications

One of the primary purposes of directory information is to allow APS to include information in school and district publications, such as:

  • The poster for a drama production
  • The directory
  • Honor rolls
  • School and district websites and newsletters
  • Graduation programs
  • Sports activity records, such as height and weight of wrestlers

Directory information is available to anyone who requests it. Although the APS does not limit its use, the district expects all information to be used ethically.


To prevent directory information from being shared, fill in the field Student Directory Unsubscribe Form.

Military, Higher Education Recruiters

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act requires the district to provide directory information such as names, addresses, and telephone numbers of high school students to military and higher education recruiters. fill it in Student Directory Unsubscribe Form to avoid sharing directory information with military or higher education institutions.

Illegal use of directory information

It is against the law to sell or use student directory information provided by APS to market goods or services directly to students or their families.

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