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VANCOUVER, British Columbia & CAROL STREAM, Ill .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – The annual update of data Madison’s Sawmill Lumber Directory Lists is comprehensive and live online. Be among the first to sign up and gain access to this interesting knowledge base! The integration of Madison Sawmill Directory with Blue Book Services ” Blue Book Wood is now available to you.

The same business information expertly researched and extensively referenced Madison has provided customers for decades is improved with Blue Book of Lumber sophisticated, yet easy to use online platform.

No other sawmill directory contains so much valuable information. Subscribe now to experience this opportunity for yourself.

The combined dataset contains over 23,000 head office listings and over 8,000 branch listings, for companies across the lumber supply chain, including: primary sawmills, wholesalers, secondary remanufacturers, importers, exporters and lumber yards.

Let Madison and Blue Book Services help you find all the lumber you need. Our combined database is more than just a list of names and addresses. We show you which companies make which products, then connect you with sales managers and key contacts in the North American forest products industry.

Subscribing to our service will prove its value to you every day, because we designed it to make it easier for you.

In this time of rapid changes in the wood product manufacturing and construction business, don’t miss the benefits of this handy and powerful tool that instantly connects you with the wood processing industry in Canada and the United States. United.

Easily find new business connections. Join those who have already purchased a subscription and are currently enjoying access to our robust dashboard.

For an investment of as little as US $ 689 per year for an individual user, or US $ 989 for a multi-user enterprise subscription, you will have all the information you need 24 hours a day, at the touch of a button:


Primary sawmills


Sales managers and sales representatives


Mill locations


General managers

Telephone and fax numbers

Wholesalers / Exporters


Email addresses

Panel rolling mills

Heads of Division

Mill Stamp Numbers

Shaker and shingle mills

Forestry advisers

Manufacturing figures

Pulp and paper mills

Timber carriers

Reloading centers

Updated daily, this in-depth lumber business directory is delivered in a simple online dashboard tool designed to easily search, filter, view, save and print.

Use our powerful search engine to extract leads throughout the supply chain:

  • View individual plant operations on a single screen

  • Database can be filtered, searched and sorted

  • Filters can be saved for quick and easy exploration of the exact businesses you need to reach

  • Individual page entries are printable

Register now for your own login to connect with:

  • what you need to plan your investment strategy in the dimension lumber and lumber industries

  • foreshadows occasional shortages, surpluses and a balance between supply and demand

  • the latest news on North American lumber and paper companies

  • presented in a simple online dashboard tool

  • available at your fingertips 24 hours a day

Contact our office anytime to find out more:

The information tool for your forest management and investment planning decisions.

For more details go here:

Sample screenshot of an individual Blue Book dashboard ad:

Find all the lumber and wood products you need!

Western Spruce-Pine-Fir


Fir / Larch

Eastern Spruce-Pine-Fir

Red, yellow and white cedar


Douglas fir



Dimension wood

Shingles and shingles

Moldings and trim

Specified lengths


Preserved wood

Cuttings and rough wood

MSR Wood

Pulp and paper products

Panel Products

Railway links

Joining stock

The combined database is available now. To subscribe, please visit or call Madison at 604-319-2266 or Blue Book Services at 630-668-3500.

About Blue Book services:

Founded in 1901, Blue Book Services, Inc. is the leader in timely, accurate and reliable business and credit information for the forest products and fresh produce industries. Suppliers, buyers, brokers and carriers rely on Blue Book assessments, reports and information to make safe, informed and profitable business decisions. For more information on Lumber Blue Book, visit

About Madison’s Lumber Reporter:

Created in 1952, Madison Wood Price is your premier source for North American softwood lumber information, pricing, industry information, and industry contacts. Weekly Madison Wood Journalist publishes current price information for lumber and structural panels wholesalers in Canada and the United States 50 weeks a year and also provides access to historical prices.

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