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COLUMBIA, Maryland, November 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Defensible®, Inc., the Cyber ​​Exposure company, today announced the extension of its strategic relationship with IBM Security X-Force Red to provide comprehensive Active Directory security services that continuously detect and prevent attacks against Active Directory and connected environment in real time. By combining the power of Tenable.ad with the seasoned hacker team at X-Force Red, organizations can identify and disrupt attack opportunities before bad actors can exploit them.

Active Directory is a target-rich environment that can, if left vulnerable, offer attackers a path to domain-wide privilege and control. Most organizations struggle with Active Directory security due to configuration errors that accumulate as domains become more complex, preventing security teams from finding and fixing vulnerabilities before they can. ‘they don’t become issues impacting the business.

Leveraging Tenable.ad, the X-Force Red team provides deployment, configuration, support, and management of tools to identify Active Directory configuration errors and other weaknesses. From there, the team prioritizes the riskiest vulnerabilities based on militarization and manages the entire end-to-end remediation process. The result is a hardened Active Directory environment, disrupted attack paths, and no next step for bad actors.

“Vulnerable and misconfigured Active Directory is the source of almost all major cyberattacks today. By taking advantage of known flaws and configuration errors, bad actors can elevate their privileges and move sideways across networks, â€said Mark Thurmond, COO of Tenable. “We are excited to partner with X-Force Red to find and correct weaknesses in Active Directory before they become the avenue of attack of tomorrow. “

“If you don’t understand your Active Directory attack surface, the risk of compromise increases. And it’s not just an initial compromise. Attackers can take advantage of Active Directory to gain access to other sensitive areas in your environment. This is why the ongoing research and remediation of Active Directory vulnerabilities should be an essential part of every security program, â€said Charles Henderson, Global Managing Partner and Head of X-Force.

For more information on the partnership, visit https://www.ibm.com/security/services/offensive-security-services.

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