Tesla AI Director Says Tesla AI Bot Is On Track To Have The Most Powerful AI Developments

Tesla AI Director Andrej Karpathy brags about the AI ​​platform they are working on. Says he thinks “Tesla Bot” is “on the way to becoming the most powerful AI development platform”. The company is said to be in the best position to achieve this because it has real-world applications through its vehicles.

Image credits – WIRED

Since Tesla AI Day last year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been subtly pushing the idea of ​​Tesla becoming more of an AI/robotics company. Recently, Musk was seen to have suggested that Tesla could eventually play a key role in bringing Artificial General Intelligence (AI) to life. By working on its Tesla AI bot, the humanoid bot could lead to many more advances than expected.

Since Tesla AI day last year, the company has been recruiting many people for its robotics segment. The attraction of the talent pool continues to this day, where roles recently job are as below.

  • Deep Learning / Scientific Engineer
  • Software Engineer, Deep Learning Infrastructure
  • Software Engineer, Deep Learning
  • Software Engineer, Evaluation
  • Backend engineer, AI tooling
  • Frontend engineer, AI tooling

These were posted by Karpathy on Linkedin. He also explained that the basic requirement is that applicants are software engineers and are willing to teach them about machine learning or AI. In addition, adds that information from Tesla’s driver assistance data will be effectively used in the creation of AI Bot. That’s why Tesla started working on the Dojo supercomputer. Make the self-driving experience real and save many lives.

Tesla AI Team – Deep Learning Engineer Recruitment. We are also applying everything we have learned to our humanoid robot “Tesla Bot”, which I believe is on its way to becoming the most powerful Al development platform. from teslainvestorsclub

AI development platform

Karpathy suggested contestants watch the Tesla AI Day presentation to get a sense of what Tesla is trying to accomplish with AI. Additionally, in Karpathy’s words about the AI ​​development platform, “No other organization vertically integrates, develops, and deploys cutting-edge robotic AI at this scale.” Our goal is to improve driving safety and comfort while automating transport through fully autonomous driving. We are also applying everything we have learned to our humanoid robot “Tesla Bot”, which I believe is on its way to becoming the most powerful AI development platform.

On Wednesday, Tesla’s earnings call took place and many details were revealed. It looked promising for Tesla’s future. Referring to their vehicle sales forecast, Musk said, “If the cost of our cars doesn’t change at all, we’ll still sell as much as we make.”

In addition to making vehicles, autonomous software and the energy segment, Tesla is expected to focus on an AI development platform. It’s more or less tied to the Tesla FSD platform, but much more interesting things are being tested by the company. After all, when developing one of the best supercomputers, it wouldn’t be impossible to work on an Optimus Humanoid robot.

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