The 10 Most Awesome Spider-Man Suits

The current race The Amazing Spider-Man took Peter Parker in a bold new direction. After the loss of his closest allies, Spider-Man began working closely with the seemingly reformed Norman Osborn. Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr. will further explore Spider-Man’s new connection to Osborn with an impressive new suit packed with advanced Oscorp technology.

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While Peter Parker sewed his iconic original costume, he’s made some amazing improvements over the years. His advanced scientific intelligence has led to the creation of some of Spider-Man’s most powerful suits. The Adventures of Spider-Man also introduced a few unique costumes to his life, which have still impressed fans over the years.

Norman Osborn seemed to turn over a new leaf after his encounter with Sin-Eater freed him from his past sins. He ditched his villainous role of Green Goblin for his new heroic identity of Gold Goblin. He also began to work closely with his oldest enemy in his attempts to reform his past actions. This led to the design of Spider-Man’s new goblin-influenced costume.

Her new costume mostly followed the design of her classic red and blue costume. It featured a glowing yellow effect on the spider insignia and mask, which also used a new digital display. The costume also included advanced egg bombs filled with spider nanobots. The most impressive addition to the costume was the glider pack, which functioned as a rocket pack and a goblin glider.

9 His Spider Armor MK III was designed to specifically combat Doctor Octopus’ Sinister Six

Doctor Octopus assembled one of the best teams in the Sinister Six during the “Ends of the Earth” storyline. He planned to increase the greenhouse effect on Earth to kill humanity before dying himself. Spider-Man used the resources he had at Horizon Labs to create powerful new armor. He was designed to take on the Sinister Six and stop Doc Ock.

The MK III Spider-Armor featured heavy and durable plating, jet boots, and improved web shooters. The armor protected him from strong limbs like The Rhino. His helmet was able to detect Chameleon through his disguises and see through Mysterio’s illusions. The MK III armor featured technology that could also neutralize the abilities of other members like Sandman and Electro.

8 Otto Octavius ​​has created his own high-tech version of the suit as the Superior Spider-Man

After years of physical injury at the hands of more powerful heroes, Doctor Octopus met his death with a new plan. He managed to implant his spirit in Spider-Man’s body, while Peter Parker died in Otto Octavius’ body. However, Parker was able to influence Octavius’ mind with his own moral beliefs. Doc Ock has decided to surpass his old enemy and become the superior Spider-Man.

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He developed a few different costumes, although his final costume was the most advanced. He ditched the Peter Parker design and replaced it with a mostly black bodysuit with a webbed spider detail on the torso. Doctor Octopus’ technology bled into the suit as it included four extra arms. He also designed new gauntlets with sharp talons that he could further customize to deal with his enemies.

seven Ben Reilly won a high-tech Spider-Man costume when he worked for Beyond Corporation

Peter Parker’s clone, Ben Reilly, took over as Spider-Man after debuting as Scarlet Spider during The Clone Saga. His first run as a web-slinger ended in his death, though he returned years later. Ben Reilly’s best suit came when he started working for the Beyond Corporation. They bought the rights to the wall-crawler brand in “Spider-Man Beyond”.

The Beyond Corporation has designed an impressive new suit from foam-based polymers that thickens on impact to better protect Reilly. Web shooters have also been improved and contained within the suit, unlike his other suits. Exposure to a quantum shift polymer transformed Reilly’s Beyond suit and turned him into the villainous Chasm.

6 Spider-Man has designed a high-tech stealth suit that manipulates light and sound waves

Peter Parker’s resources were originally limited to fabric and yarn. However, he later had access to much better resources. Parker started working for a high-tech think tank known as Horizon Labs. The devices he created as Spider-Man helped him further his scientific career. Likewise, his Horizon technology was also able to enhance his Spider-Man gear.

After encountering the disorienting sonic laughter of the new Hobgoblin, Spider-Man created a new stealth suit. He was able to bend light and sound waves to make him invisible or silent. It could also block incoming sounds, which has proven useful against villains like Hobgoblin and The Queen. Kaine Parker then stole and modified the costume into his new Scarlet Spider costume.

5 Reed Richards designed the Future Foundation suit that alters Spider-Man’s appearance

Spider-Man has lost his closest friend in the comics. Johnny Storm’s will revealed his last wishes after his death. He wanted Spider-Man to take his place in the Fantastic Four. The team restructured as the Future Foundation after Human Torch’s death and honored Johnny’s last request. They welcomed Spider-Man to the Future Foundation with a brand new dynamic costume.

The black and white costume matched the design of the other members of the Future Foundation, though it featured a unique spider aesthetic. Reed Richards created the team’s new costumes using unstable molecules that could change their appearance. Spider-Man’s FF suit could appear as his classic costume, and the team could even upgrade to a dark stealth suit.

4 Spider-Man’s “Threats and Threats” Suit Improved for Live-Stream Audiences

J. Jonah Jameson eventually became a close ally of Spider-Man after discovering his secret identity. He then started working with the “Threats and Threats” news site which focused on heroes like Spider-Man. During a time when he was desperate for money, Peter Parker accepted a “Threats and Threats” job that came with an advanced new costume.

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His new costume featured a gray and blue color scheme with rounded orange eyes. It was a prototype costume that featured 360° cameras. These cameras not only enhanced his natural spider-sense, but they also allowed subscribers to broadcast his point of view. His “Threats and Threats” costume was a high-tech marvel that enhanced his strength and speed, even though his lifespan was quite short.

3 He temporarily gained a powerful suit when he bonded with an alien symbiote

One of Spider-Man’s most unique and impressive costumes was found when it premiered Secret Wars an event. Peter Parker damaged his classic suit and replaced it with a liquid suit that formed on his body to become his fan-favorite black suit. Spider-Man’s new suit had a number of impressive abilities, including his ability to alter appearance.

The suit could generate its own webbing and create small pocket dimensions for things like keys and Spider-Man’s camera. He eventually learned that his new suit was a living alien symbiote. Spider-Man’s relationship with the symbiote was strained, and he ultimately rejected a permanent bond. The rejected symbiote later joined Eddie Brock to become Venom.

2 Tony Stark put his own spin on the suit when he created the Iron Spider Armor

Peter Parker found a great mentor when he started working closely with Tony Stark/Iron Man. As founding members of the New Avengers, Iron Man began to notice traits of Spider-Man that he hoped to develop further. He also started putting together some ideas to improve Spider-Man’s costume.

Stark created the Iron Spider Armor, which featured the same red and gold color scheme as the most powerful Iron Man armors. The suit featured a flexible armored mesh and jet boots that helped improve gliding capabilities. Stark also added three powerful weapons called “waldoes”. Spider-Man ditched the suit after turning on Iron Man during the Civil war.

1 The Spider-Armor MK IV was an advanced suit created using technology from Parker Industries

One thing Doctor Octopus has done better than Spider-Man is actually complete his education. He earned a doctorate and started a company called Parker Industries. Peter took over Parker Industries when he regained control of his body. This gave him access to new technological advances. He created a powerful new Spider-Armor which upgraded his costume to reflect his new status.

The classic costume inspired the design of the MK IV Spider-Armor. It featured a glowing spider insignia and a dynamic new webbing pattern on the liquid nanotech suit. The suit featured multiple web shooter configurations as well as miniaturized spider drones and stealth technology. Spider-Man was able to work at Iron Man’s level, and he wore the right costume for the job.

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