The best online gold traders for 2021


SD ingots

SD Bullion offers low prices compared to other resellers on this list, and it backs it up with a low price guarantee, which is why it is our pick as the best option for low prices.

  • Low price guarantee

  • Low cost direct storage

  • Solid online reputation

If a reseller claims to be the “cheapest” online gold reseller in the United States, they must back their claim with a low price guarantee. This is exactly what SD Bullion does, making it our pick as the best low-cost option for gold investors.

Founded in 2011, SD Bullion offers a full line of precious metals including gold, silver, platinum, copper and palladium, but their product selection is more limited than some of their main competitors. For example, at any one time it can only hold two brands of gold bars. For investors looking for the best deal without brand preference, SD Bullion can’t be beat. In addition to gold coins and ingots, SD Bullion also sells gun ammunition and vaults made of precious metals.

It has the lowest price for a Gold Eagle coin, selling for $ 2,033, which is about $ 20 less than the average price of other online gold dealers in this roundup. Add to that the free shipping for orders over $ 99 (flat rate $ 7.77 for orders under $ 99), and it’s an unbeatable total price for gold investors. If a customer spies on a lower price than that offered by SD Bullion, the reseller will match it.

If payment is not received by the payment deadline, your order will be subject to a market loss charge, a 5% cancellation charge and any collection charges incurred by SD Bullion.

SD Bullion offers a full range of payment options including bitcoin (up to $ 250,000), cashier’s check (up to $ 20,000), credit or debit card (up to $ 5,000) , electronic check (up to $ 20,000), PayPal (up to $ 5,000), personal check (up to $ 20,000) and wire transfer ($ 20,000 and over). Payments by PayPal and credit card are charged an additional 4% processing fee.

If you choose to have your gold stored, you can open a storage deposit account and have your gold stored directly with SD Bullion and fully insured by Lloyd’s of London. The cost is free for the first three months; storage fees start at $ 9.99 per month depending on the amount stored.

Returns are accepted within three days of delivery, but refunds are not guaranteed. SD Bullion will determine if it will accept your return request. In addition to the 5% storage charge for credit card or PayPal purchases, and 3% for all other payments, SD Bullion may require you to cover the cost of any market loss.

SD Bullion will repurchase your gold although the repurchase prices are not published. Payments are made within one to three days of receipt of the return by SD Bullion.

Customer reviews of SD Bullion customer service are generally positive, with customers reporting good access to representatives via chat, email and phone. Many reviews point to the speed of the ordering process and the reasonably fast deliveries.

SD Bullion has received high ratings from BBB users, currently 4.8 out of 5 stars, as well as an A + rating from the organization. Trustpilot users give it 4.5 stars out of 5.

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