The UP government will finance the purchase of instruments by folk artists



In order to help folk artists in these difficult times, the state culture directorate has announced a program under which the state government will provide funds to folk artists for the purchase of instruments.

Under the ‘Lok Kalakar Vadya Yantra Kraya Yojana’ the state government maintained a fund of ??1 crore to help folk artists whose income suffered during the pandemic. However, there is an addendum: no artist will be awarded more than ??20,000 as aid for the purchase of folk instruments, said culture director Shishir (he has a name).

Artists who win below ??1.20 lakh per year will be eligible for the program. In addition, the artist must be 35 years of age or over and registered in the e-directory of the culture department. A committee which includes a teacher from Bhatkhande, as well as two persons in charge of the direction of culture will deliberate and decide on the candidacies of the beneficiaries. The deadline for submitting the help form is September 30th.

Shishir said, “The idea is to help as many folk artists over 35 as possible. Artists can apply for financial assistance for the purchase of instruments by filling out a form. This program should help a number of artists who are unable to purchase expensive instruments.

“The management will help with the purchase of instruments such as flute, chikara, nakkara, ektara, dholki, naal, tabla, alghoza, dhaad, dotara, duggi, dhol, manjhira, nagada, pena, pipa, pipri, etc. We know that during the pandemic the incomes of folk artists suffered. They are not able to get programs and therefore lost their income and many of them want to buy new folk instruments but lack funds. That’s why we decided to help our artists buy instruments so that they can earn their bread and butter with respect.

“Such a program was launched for the first time in the state and we hope ??1 crore will be distributed among deserving artists who are recognized by the Ministry of Culture. An amount not exceeding ??20,000 artists will be transferred directly to their accounts for purchase. They will need to provide a receipt for the purchased instrument as well as a written statement that they purchased the instrument with the money provided by the department.

Gulab Khan, a Nagada artist, said: “We must welcome this gesture by the state government. After all, here is someone who also thinks about the problems of folk artists.

Professor Kamlesh Dubey from Bhatkhande Music Deemed University said: “Due to a bloated ego, folk artists don’t share their problems with anyone. Most of them are not well off. Folk artists should take advantage of these programs.


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