Tips and Tricks for Backpack Hero Beginners

backpack hero is a tactical dungeon crawling RPG. The adventure of this game is based on inventory management and strategic turn-based tactics. Although shuffling inventory and managing items is often only a small part of games, backpack hero in fact the main objective. What items to keep, what to throw, and even where to place them have a huge impact on gameplay. It’s not just about what the players are wearing and whether everything fits in their bag. Space itself is a usable resource needed for item synergies.

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Similar to deck builders, players collect rare items, organize their inventory, and defeat enemies. Dungeon levels are randomly generated in aspects such as layouts, events, and challenges. When not exploring, players can use collected resources to upgrade their town, rescue animals, and restore the world. Like other roguelikes, players can unlock new content and progress as well as experiment with different builds to go through dungeons.

This indie game is developed and published by creator Jaspel. There is currently a web browser demo of backpack heroavailable on However, the official release date for Steam and various platforms has yet to be announced.


5 Use spins to your advantage

People should read the item descriptions carefully as they explain how the items can synergize with each other, but also the individual traits of the items. During turn-based combat, players can attack multiple times, heal, block, and more during just one of their turns, and the order in which a player does them can matter.

Some items can be used one or more times during a player’s turn, so remember how many times an item can be used and be tactical. Other items in a player’s backpack only activate at the start of turns, so plan accordingly when considering the order of item use. Keep in mind that mana does not regenerate at the end of a player’s turn.

4 Don’t forget to collect gold

The currency of backpack hero is gold, which is awarded upon completion of battles or events, or can be obtained by selling items. Although it can be used to purchase items from merchants, players should always keep gold on them. It is required for certain events or to activate certain elements. It would be unfortunate to miss opportunities because a player bought an expensive sword and forgot to save.

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Merchants appear along dungeon journeys, but they don’t just sell items. Some offer to exchange one item for another, which is a good way to save money rather than buying with gold, but only if the item is worth it.

3 Strategically unlock backpack slots

Unlike other roguelikes, the hero in this game does not level up. Instead, their backpack grows and this is what makes them more powerful as they level up. Experience gained from killing monsters can be used to expand their backpack, allowing players to carry more loot and take advantage of synergies.

It is important to anticipate items and unlock inventory slots accordingly. For example, helmets should be near the top of a bag as if on a player’s head, and they often reinforce the armor placed around them. Knowing about this stuff helps people not end up with awkward gaps where items don’t fit well even when turned sideways. It’s not always best to round a corner nicely just for aesthetics.

2 Arrange elements for synergy

Items do different things depending on where they are placed in a player’s backpack. Many item synergies make or break if they are worth keeping. Almost every item interacts with other items or where they are placed in the backpack. This can be both beneficial or detrimental depending on the interaction.

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It’s best to rearrange the pack after each fight as new items will almost always be dropped. This means that players should look for synergies, but also arrange item positions to maximize storage space. Thanks to synergies, backpack hero has many builds that players can run depending on their pack composition.

1 Plan to die

This game is first and foremost a roguelike. A player is expected to die again and again. It’s really good to do that in this game, so don’t get discouraged. Dying is a chance to try different playstyles, build and better learn game mechanics.

The replayability of backpack hero good for new players. People can discover the characteristics of hundreds of rare items and how these items interact with each other and with the bag. Players can learn the varied attacks of different types of enemies and when to attack or defend. Dying allows players to create tactical plans for the game and think about backpack management for future races.

backpack hero is still in development with an unannounced release date. It is expected to be available on Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, and Macintosh operating systems.

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