Todd McFarlane reveals the most valuable (non-spawn) art in his collection



Todd McFarlane produced a number of dynamic and breathtaking pieces in his time, and now reveals the most treasured non-Spawn art in his collection.

For almost 35 years, Todd McFarlane produced breathtaking art. His dynamic style breathed new life into Spider Man at the end of the 1980s; a few years later, McFarlane caught lightning in a bottle for the second time with Spawn, a hero belonging to the creator published by Image. McFarlane recently revealed that a Spider-Man spread is his most treasured, non-Spawn piece of art.

Todd McFarlane burst into comics in the mid-1980s, first on DC titles such as Infinity Inc, and later at Marvel with The Incredible Hulk. McFarlane moved to The Incredible Spider-Man; his style complimented the adventures of Wall Crawler well, and soon McFarlane became a superstar artist. In 1990, Marvel gifted McFarlane with his own book, simply titled Spider Man, that he would write and draw; the book was a huge success and the first issue was the best-selling comic for a brief period. At the height of his success, McFarlane, along with Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld and others, left Marvel to form Image Comics. Through the picture, McFarlane released Spawn, which has become the oldest independent title in North America. Recently, McFarlane began to expand the Spawn line, in order to create a shared universe around the character.

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Speaking to Bleeding Cool, McFarlane revealed he keeps every page of every Spawn comic book he illustrated. McFarlane revealed that he sold most of his other, non-Spawn art. However, there is one particular piece that McFarlane clings to – a spread from the 1990s. Spider-Man # 1, depicting the Web-Slinger swinging over the streets of New York. McFarlane is proud of the play, calling it “impressive”. McFarlane drew the room in black and white, and that’s what he’s clinging to; he regrets that the coloring process has removed certain details from the illustration. Todd McFarlane thinks a few factors will help the piece sell, if he decides to part ways with it: This is a dynamic Spider-Man shot, made by McFarlane in his prime with the character. It’s also part of one of the best-selling comics of all time, which adds some sparkle.

McFarlane is right to be proud of the play, as it captures him firing at full blast. Even with the coloring job, it’s still an awesome piece of art. The black and white original has yet to be seen, but if McFarlane is to be believed, it’s even better. In the interview, Todd McFarlane also speculated on what he might do with the money if he sells the coin, saying he could donate it to charity or further develop the business.

At Todd McFarlane works on Spider Man and Spawn helped shape comics as we know them today. Most of the original artwork from his non-Spawn projects has been donated, but one piece he’s clinging to, one that represents all that is great about McFarlane.

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