Twitter is removing TweetDeck for Mac in July

Twitter is dropping support for the Mac version of TweetDeck on July 1, when it will only be accessible through a web browser.

TweetDeck for Mac users were alerted to this change when they opened the app today.

At the top of the screen, a message indicates:

TweetDeck for Mac says goodbye. Starting July 1, the TweetDeck app for Mac will be discontinued. You can continue to access TweetDeck on the web.

The decision to remove TweetDeck for Mac comes a year after it received a significant upgrade, bringing it to par with the web app.

Few details of the decision were provided. Maybe the app became too difficult to maintain, or maybe its user base wasn’t meeting the company’s expectations.

We know this marks the end of what was once a must-have app for every social media manager with a MacBook.

Here’s why Twitter is shutting down TweetDeck for Mac and what people can use as alternatives.

Why is TweetDeck for Mac stopping?

In an announcement on Twitter, the TweetDeck team says that shutting down the Mac app allows them to devote more resources to improving the web version.

After July 1, TweetDeck will no longer have an app of any kind.

When TweetDeck was independently owned and operated, it had apps for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

The mobile apps shut down in 2013, two years after Twitter acquired TweetDeck. A Windows app shutdown followed in 2016.

TweetDeck for Mac has held out the longest, probably due to its devoted fan base, but now its time has come as well.

Community reaction

TweetDeck had a loyal user base who aren’t happy to see one of their favorite tools disappear.

When launched over a decade ago, TweetDeck was one of the first apps that allowed Twitter users to create custom columns, allowing multiple streams to be monitored at once.

This has made TweetDeck an indispensable tool for social media professionals and avid Twitter users.

TweetDeck has remained a beloved desktop app, and it’s surprising that it’s been shut down.

Long-time users aren’t thrilled about having to use the web version:

What is an alternative to TweetDeck for Mac?

Twitter has certain restrictions when it comes to third-party developers using its API, so it’s not possible for another app to be developed with an identical feature set.

There are a number of Twitter apps available on the Mac App Store, but none are true 1:1 alternatives to TweetDeck.

One option you have is to turn into a Mac app. This can be accomplished with an app like Fluiddownloadable for free.

It’s super easy to use and can turn any website into a Mac app. Simply enter a URL and click the “Create” button.

While not a perfect solution, it will be the closest thing to a TweetDeck Mac app when the native app is removed.

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