Vaccine activist Dolores Cahill no longer listed in UCD staff directory



Covid-19 skeptical and anti-vaccination activist Dolores Cahill is no longer listed in the online directory of staff at University College Dublin (UCD), where she worked as a professor at the school of university medicine.

References to the controversial academic have been removed from the UCD website and his contact details have been removed from the university’s online staff directory in the past 24 hours.

The UCD had regularly been criticized for failing to take action against Ms Cahill for persistent false and misleading claims she made about Covid-19 during the pandemic.

Speaking at an anti-lockdown rally in Dublin on St. Patrick’s Day, Ms Cahill claimed children who wore face masks would have lower IQs because their brains were ‘starved’ of oxygen.

She told the Herbert Park rally that the “globalists” had pushed for compulsory masks because “people deprived of oxygen are easy to handle.”

She had previously claimed that politicians and the media were using the pandemic “as a tool of scare propaganda to try to deprive people of their rights, to make them sicker and to force vaccinations on us.”

Ms. Cahill was previously a highly respected scholar in the field of proteomics, which is the large-scale study of proteins. She returned to work in Ireland in 2003 after a stint at the prestigious Max Planck Institute in Germany.

In recent years, she had taught a first year medical course at UCD called Science, Medicine and Society. However, she was moved from her speaking role last year.

In response to his comment on Covid-19, more than 130 students, mostly from UCD School of Medicine, signed a letter saying the university’s failure to disavow Cahill’s statements had acted “like a silent approval ”of his views.

UCD President Professor Andrew Deeks has previously defended the university’s actions by not censoring Ms Cahill, saying the principle of academic freedom prevents the university from “treating academics less favorably by because of their opinions ”.

Ms Cahill faces charges in London over an allegedly illegal rally that took place in Trafalgar Square last September. She is accused along with others of organizing a rally of more than 30 people in an outdoor public place during the pandemic. An arrest warrant was issued against her arrest after she failed to appear at a number of hearings.

She was also a high figure in the Irish Freedom Party, but resigned her post as party chair earlier this year, days after her speech at the Herbert Park rally.

Ms Cahill ran as an independent candidate in the Dublin Bay South by-election in July, with 169 votes. On the day of the counting of the elections, she was refused entry to the counting center because she refused to wear a face mask.

A UCD spokeswoman said the university would not comment on the matter.

Ms. Cahill has been contacted for comment.


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