Venom 2 spoiler could bring Marvel’s mighty anti-Venom suit to the MCU


WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Venom: Let There Be Carnage, currently playing in theaters.

The post-credits scene for Venom: let there be carnage wowed fans by bringing the titular symbiote into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a brilliant flash of light. Not only does this set up his inevitable confrontation with Spider-Man, but it also opens the door for another, even more powerful symbiote to join in the fun soon enough. Eddie Brock is famous for being the host of Venom, but there was a time when he wore a symbiote believed to be the exact opposite of his original counterpart: Anti-Venom.

The anti-venom symbiote was first introduced in Amazing Spider-Man # 569. Eddie Brock, who no longer hosts Venom, was dying of cancer and began volunteering at FEAST Center, a homeless shelter run by fellow Spider-Man villain Martin Li, aka Mr. Negative. Li actually helped Eddie, using his powers to cure Eddie’s cancer. In the process, Li accidentally fused the remnants of Eddie’s Venom symbiote with his white blood cells.

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When Venom’s current host, Mac Gargan, aka the Scorpion, crushed the FEAST Center, the Venom symbiote wanted to return to Eddie, who wasn’t ready for a reunion. In response to Venom trying to bond with Brock, the dormant symbiont white blood cells activated and created the all-new almost all-white Anti-Venom symbiote. This not only kept the Venom symbiote from bonding with Brock, but also gave him one of the most powerful symbiotes in comics.

Unlike other symbiotes who are fully sentient, the Anti-Venom symbiote either has no mind of its own or at least has not displayed any sentient thoughts until now. Entirely at the command of the user, this symbiote has abilities that others lack. This includes the ability to heal impurities in the bodies of others (like drug addiction), immunity to sonic and fire attacks, and the power to create projectile weapons like firearms.

Eddie embraced Anti-Venom, ready to heal others of their afflictions and become a hero again. In a misguided attempt to do good, he nearly “cured” Spider-Man of his powers after attempting to wipe radiation from the Wall-Crawler’s blood. Unfortunately for Eddie, he lost the Anti-Venom symbiote when it was used to produce a cure for the virus imparting the power of the spider that rampages in the Spider island Event.

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For live action Venom movies, Eddie likely won’t host both Symbiotes at the same time if Anti-Venom makes an appearance. This gives an MCU character their chance to work with a high-profile hero. Flash Thompson, originally known as Peter Parker’s High School Tyrant, later welcomed the Venom symbiote into the comics, transforming into Agent Venom.

Venom and The Flash have had many adventures together, even learning the truth about Venom’s species, the Klyntars, and how they are, in fact, a benevolent race after their vile ruler, Knull, is imprisoned. Venom eventually returned to Eddie Brock when a lab accident involving Venom trying to bond with his two favorite hosts at the same time recreated the Anti-Venom symbiote and bestowed it on The Flash.

Now known as the Anti-Venom Agent, Flash participated in the battle against the Green Goblin-Carnage Red Goblin mashup, losing his life in the process. As comic book characters tend to do, The Flash later came back to life after an uploaded version of his consciousness in the symbiote hive mind found his body. With their two lives so intimately linked to the symbiotes, Venom 2The MCU connection could allow The Flash to evolve beyond being Peter’s bully like he did in the comics.

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Spider-Man: No Path Home will likely delve more into The Flash and Peter’s relationship now that The Flash and the rest of the world know Peter’s identity as Spider-Man. It’s also likely that Venom is part of the multiversal “Sinister Six” that Peter and Doctor Strange accidentally introduce into their universe. With all the chess pieces on the board, it’s only a matter of time before other symbiotes join the fray.

The introduction of Anti-Venom could allow the MCU to explore stories like Spider island Where King in black, in which the symbiote plays a major role. Flash might just find himself traveling through space with Venom like his comedic counterpart did as Eddie returns to his home universe with the Anti-Venom symbiote. It could also give Spider-Man formidable foes no matter who dons which symbiote.

Anti-Venom’s natural ability to negate Spidey’s powers makes him one of the Web-Slinger’s most dangerous enemies. Fortunately, Anti-Venom is generally on Spider-Man’s side, but other media like Spider-Man: At The Edge Of Time have already shown how dangerous a nasty anti-venom can be. Whatever happens, it’s safe to say Venom 2 will have a lasting impact on Spider-Man and the MCU as a whole.

To see Venom and Eddie Brock head to the MCU, Venom: Let There Be Carnage is now in theaters.

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