Venom’s best forgotten power makes him the Marvel version of Predator


Venom and the Predator are very similar in terms of hunting abilities and combat skills, but a single Venom power makes the two aliens almost identical!

After Eddie Brock bonded with Spider-Man’s abandoned symbiote, the two lifeforms became villain turned antihero Venom which granted Brock a number of incredible abilities, including a forgotten power that made him the character of Marvel. Predator. The Predator is a highly advanced alien warrior whose culture values ​​the sport of hunting more than any other in the cosmos, with a number of gadgets that allow the creature to be more than proficient at killing its prey. One of the hallmarks of the Predator is its ability to camouflage itself perfectly in any environment, a power shared by Venom.


An example of Venom’s camouflage ability is shown in Ghost Rider / Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance # 5 by Howard Mackie and Adam Kubert. In the issue, Venom teams up with the two recently separated entities Ghost Rider and Johnny Blaze as they battle the forces of evil controlled by the demon Lilith. After taking care of a number of demonic soldiers, the team knows the battle is just beginning, at which point Venom is using his stealth ability to give himself a better chance of sneaking up on their hellish foes.

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While Venom’s team with Ghost Rider shows a prime example of his stealth power, this isn’t the first time he’s used this particular ability. When Venom was a Spider-Man villain, he used the ability to take the Wall Crawler by surprise. He also doesn’t trigger Spider-Man’s spider sense and becomes nearly invisible to the Web Slinger. This hunting maneuver is something Venom shares with the Predator, as the intergalactic creature also uses its ability to seemingly be part of the landscape around it to wipe out its prey without the victim even knowing they were about to. pass away.

While the abilities of Venom and the Predator are incredibly similar, there are a few key differences. Firstly, Venom’s camouflage ability is a natural power of the symbiote while the Predator requires advanced technology to achieve the same result. Additionally, the predator can often betray itself using its concealment device, as the alien’s eyes glow and can become visible to its prey. When Venom uses his version of the power, Venom is basically invisible until he wishes to be seen again.

Both the Predator and Venom’s camouflage abilities are pretty much the same, but Venom’s is clearly the better version as it doesn’t require any tech and doesn’t have a chance to betray itself. Beyond the similarities in cover-up, Venom is a deadly hunter much like the predator, proven by the many times he has defeated Spider-Man early in their conflicts. From being an expert hunter to having the forgotten power of almost perfect camouflage, Venom proves he’s basically Marvel’s version of the Predator.

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