Want to work in climatetech? Here’s how to start

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So you want to work in climatetech? Good! We need you.

As someone who has worked in space for almost a decade (although it was called cleantech or Green technology when I started), I can testify to his enthusiasm and the passionate commitment of those who work there.

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Thanks to the passage of Inflation Reduction Actbillions of dollars are being invested in renewable energy and other emissions reduction technologies, so there’s never been a better time to take the leap.

In reality, CNBC reported last summer, many professionals working at the world’s biggest tech companies quit their well-paying jobs and turned to climate tech (albeit likely to equally well-paying positions). With the latest news from tech layoffsthat talent migration is only likely to increase.

Resources for breaking into climate and clean energy: Climatetech recruiters

I was recently at a an event put by Greentown Laboratoriesthe largest climate technology incubator in North America, where I met Brendan Andersen from climate people, a staffing firm specializing in transitioning workers to climate technology. We talked a lot about this migration and the need for more people to work in the climate field, so I followed him via email to continue the conversation.

At Climate People, we recognize that the climate technology ecosystem is currently in its early adopter phase – people interested in this space are driven by climate work,” Andersen said. However, to get things done, we need to involve those who are unaware of climate-related jobs. »

Andersen pointed to a statistic of Terra.doa platform for climate professions, which claims 99% of people who will work in the local climate 2030 hasn’t started yet.

Here are the climate tech-specific recruiters on my radar:

climate people


Gaia Human Capital Consultants

Piper Maddox

Resources for breaking into climate and clean energy: Job boards and directories

At the Greentown Labs event, I also met Kristy Drutman, an environmental and climate communicator better known as Green brunette girl. We discussed our relationship with each other Alaina The Trash Queen’s Wood and Rollie Williamsand how she was still dealing with the recent Meet she had with them and President Biden. We then talked about his latest adventure, Green Jobs Council.

She told me that men, especially white men, are overrepresented in the climate tech space, and she wanted to create a more inclusive platform. In a recent Instagram postshe notes that the Green Jobs Board will be working to fill the green divide” when it comes to attracting more people – especially BIPOClow-income and people from the Global South – possibly employed in businesses and organizations aligned with tackling the climate crisis.

(Greentown Laboratories CEO Emily Reichert also works on changing climate technology’s lack of diversity and recently partnered with Browning green space throw ACCELan acceleration program for BIPOC founders. Entrepreneur application window is open until December 23.)

Another popular job board is run by Climatic basiswhich the company says is used by 750,000 job seekers and 2,500 employers. We’re not just a job site,” co-founder Jesse Hynes told me over email. We are a marketplace network, combining climate jobs, climate news and content, and a community through our educational programs like the Climatebase Fellowship.”

Here is a list of these and other climate tech job sites and directories worth bookmarking.

Climatic basis

List of jobs for the climate

Climate technology resume

Green Jobs Council

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