A tabloid maelstrom worthy of the British Royal Family is unleashed, causing Parker’s every move to come under public scrutiny and in so doing makes his friends and family targets of retaliation on his list. growing enemies. Wishing his secret had never been revealed, Parker seeks someone with the same curiosity and willingness to put aside caution as Stark, master of the mystical arts in Doctor Strange. The challenge and perilous risk of stepping back in time is irresistible to Strange, and has doubts about his request and disrupts the spell. As a result, separate dimensions collide, creating a multiverse where multiple variations of the same person can coexist in the same space.

Someone with a unique perspective on the project is Sony Pictures Imageworks Visual Effects Supervisor Chris Waegner (Men in black: international) who partnered up with Kelly Port, visual effects supervisor at Marvel Studios (The beauty and the Beast), as well as with Digital Domain, Framestore, Luma Pictures, Crafty Apes, MR. X, Cinesite, Gradient FX, Folks VFX, SSVFX, MARZ and Perception to produce 2,400 shots. Waegner was an uncredited technical advisor on Spider Man, a lead character setup artist on Spider-man 2, CG Supervisor on The Amazing Spider-Man and The Incredible Spider-Man 2, and Digital Effects Supervisor on Spider-Man: Homecoming. Comments Waegner: “The opportunity to have worked with three great directors and their creative teams on all of the film franchises has been a wonderful experience. It gave me a wealth of knowledge that I brought with me to the last installment describing the multiverse in Spider-Man: No Path Home. “

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