What dinosaur has 500 teeth: don’t google, it’s just a joke



BAD GAG “Don’t Google” What Dinosaur has 500 Teeth “” Warning not to succumb to shattered stunts propagated by fanatics in the Reddit thread

INTERNET users have been warned not to succumb to a “Don’t google Which dinosaur has 500 teethTip after weakened Reddit users made a bigoted joke that became a web sensation.

The post has spread on social media and is emerging as one of the web crawler’s autofill ideas.

People who conduct the survey on Google get results for Nigersaurus.

People who conduct the survey on Google get results for Nigersaurus.

The image of the joke was shared on social media, mostly on Reddit.

The website prank teens want to stun distraught internet users by suggesting that the name be like the N-word.

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The hunting warning previously appeared to start in September 2019.

A daily Reddit user, who has since cleared his record, posted, “Whatever you do, don’t google ‘500 tooth dinosaur’. “

From that point on, countless images were created, with inscriptions including “don’t google a 500 tooth dinosaur.” Most terrible mistake of my life ”.

Others clearly used the image as a code for the racial insult itself, such as the remark, “Okay, 500 tooth dinosaur.”

His name, in any case, is a reference to the place where he was found, the Republic of Niger.

A depiction of the dinosaur’s jawbone, with rows of tiny teeth crammed into it Credit: handout

The conventional or standard name Nigersaurus means “reptile of Niger”, while the particular name “taqueti” respects the French scientist Philippe Taquet, who found the main stays in 1976.

It was found in the Elrhaz development in a space called Gadoufaua, Niger.

The Nigersaurus was a kind of rebbachisaurid sauropod dinosaur that lived around 115-105 million years ago, during the Cretaceous Period.

The 9-meter herbivore is said to have roamed the rich marshes of the district that is currently the Sahara Desert.

He had a sensitive, strange skull and a wide mouth fixed with 500 fine teeth, unusually adjusted to browse plants close to the ground.

A review page on Sereno’s site reads: “The Nigersaurus lived in a rich climate close to the wild dinosaur suchomimus, the herbivores ouranosaurus and lurdusaurus, and the supercroc.

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“This strange long-necked dinosaur is described by its abnormally wide and straight gag with over 500 replaceable teeth.

“The first fossilized Nigersaurus skull is one of the major dinosaur skulls to be carefully recreated from CT checks.”

In November 2007, a recreated Nigersaurus skeleton was discovered at the Public Geographic Historical Center in Washington DC.

(Which dinosaur has 500 teeth) NIGERSAURUS


Age: 110 million years

Site: Niger


The Nigersaurus is a 30-foot-long herbivorous dinosaur that lived 110 million years ago in what is now the Sahara Desert of Niger. Nigersaurus lived in a rich climate close to the ruthless dinosaur Suchomimus, herbivores ouranosaurus and lurdusaurus, and supercross. The Nigersaurus had a fragile skull and an incredibly wide mouth set with teeth specially adjusted to roam plants close to the ground. This odd-necked dinosaur, for quite some time, has been represented by its bizarrely wide, straight-brimmed gag with over 500 replaceable teeth. The first Nigersaurus fossil skull is one of the major dinosaur skulls to be painstakingly recreated from CT checks.

Journal entry: Sep 9, 2000

Update on Paul Sereno’s dinosaur discoveries
Camp 1
Gadoufaoua 11:30 p.m.

Weird 500 tooth dinosaur

Our first week in the field was wonderful! Notable revelations seem to keep us standing around every hill. Nigersaurus, you may recall, we named for the bones collected in the last attempt here three years ago. This sauropod has a rare skull containing over 500 fine teeth. An important goal of this campaign is to discover the rest of this surprising dinosaur so that we can represent and reproduce it for the public’s enjoyment.

We get around this goal quickly since we came across a skeleton a few days after the fact! Its skeleton is lying on its side with the tail bent vertically. The curvature of her spine is about 15 feet. Before long, we’ll be covering all regions of the mortar so that the skeleton can be shipped off the field and returned to the lab.

Still, it’s not just for the Nigersaurus. Chris had taken us all to a flat space of purple-hued sandstone where he found the upper jaw of a Nigersaurus child – one that could fit on a silver dollar! This Nigersaurus was a newborn, probably within a year of being born when he kicked the bucket and fossilized.

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Another flesh eater

While walking through an extremely flat area, Gabe made an amazing discovery: the bones of another carnivorous dinosaur lay to some extent at his feet. Close with a piece of the spine and hip bones. He was a nasty customer – the bones are from a skeleton that is said to be around 30 feet long! We would like to uncover more evidence of this sharp-toothed animal as the field season continues.

A gigantic crocodile

We can’t wait to discover something other than dinosaurs. We have to find out all the creatures and plants that once lived along the old streams and woods 110 million years ago. One of the best-known fossils we encountered in the main seven days of work had a place with a huge crocodile called Sarcosuchus.

This reptile was much bigger than any living crocodile. Based on the 6ft skull we found during the main week, we think it could have an estimated length of over 40ft! The reinforcement plates on his back were estimated to be a foot in diameter. We even split the group up to get a feel for the scale of this creature.

Hans worked with a group of Allison and Dave to find another site. As we dug around the skull, we revealed another adolescent skull of similar species lying directly next to the enormous one. They cut out a square of rock that included the two skulls, no doubt realizing that it would weigh around 600 pounds when encased in mortar.

So I guess you can agree that the main week here has been a spine cooler.

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