What Spider-Man’s PS5 sequel should borrow from Miles Morales



Insomniac’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales game made some significant changes to Spider-Man PS4 gameplay that the PS5 sequel is expected to incorporate.

Even if Marvel’s Spider-Man gave the wall crawler a critically acclaimed adventure on PS4, Spider-Man: Miles Morales further improved the experience. Make Spider Man PS5 the definitive game in the series, Insomniac Games is expected to borrow some gameplay mechanics from Miles Morales, including some capabilities previously exclusive to Miles.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales played relatively similar to the first game, in terms of basic combat and web browsing in the city; However, Insomniac made a few changes to Miles’ swing animations, aerial tricks, and abilities – along with some brand new mechanics – that made the experience more engaging. Some of these features can be incorporated into any Spider-Person star’s kit in the sequel, even if their overall playstyles are different.

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While Miles uses his venom powers and camouflage to increase his combat ability and make up for his lack of experience, Peter is physically stronger and has more gadgets. Peter can jump almost twice as high, creating shockwaves just by hitting and knocking to the ground with his sheer strength alone – something Miles can only do with the help of his venom powers. The Spider Man The PS5 sequel is expected to maintain these differences, but Peter and Miles could share some gameplay mechanics to make them both equally fun to play.

Spider-Man PS5 could give Peter the stealth tech he craves

Spider Man PS5 Miles Morales Invisibility Peter Parker

While adding camouflage tech to Peter’s suit might run the risk of making him and Miles play too similarly, a few tips throughout Spider Man PS4 already refers to Peter making a stealth costume using special fabric. A research lab mission that Peter can do for Harry Osborn even allows him to apply camouflage technology to his suit in order to destroy some crawling Oscorp military drones, although Peter notes that the technology still needs to be improved and interferes with his. shooters on the web. Spider Man The PS5 could retain this limitation in order to distinguish Peter’s camouflage from Miles’s camouflage, especially if both Peter and Miles are playable in the same game. But the two would probably still play quite differently, even if Peter was able to perfect his own. invisibility technology.

Spider-Man PS5 Should Keep Miles Morales’ Most Unique Aerial Tricks

Spider Man PS5 New Air Tricks Peter Parker Miles Morales

Adding more tricks in the air for Peter would almost certainly be a net gain. In Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Miles is given a plethora of unique tricks to do as he swings through the city, while Peter’s tricks in Spider Man The PS4 was limited to a few basic flips and twists. Some of Miles’ aerial tricks allow him to swing upside down for a few moments or even pull out his phone and text for a while. This gives Miles a distinct personality from Peter, but maybe spending time with Miles would encourage Peter to come up with a few more tips in his own style. The same could apply to Peter’s normal swing animations, and the two would make the swing in town again.

Spider-Man PS5 heroes need venom-style jump abilities like miles

Spider Man PS5 Venom Style Jump Peter Parker Miles Morales

Miles’ Venom Jump allows him to leap through the air, gaining extra height between swings. It’s a great way to quickly gain altitude without running over walls or swinging at maximum height before letting go, and Peter should have a similar ability. He already does something like this in Kingpin’s teardown mission, twisting and lifting off the ground, but he’s never used in actual gameplay for the rest of the game.

Spider-Man PS5 should keep stealthy web captures from Miles Morales

Spider Man PS5 Stealth Web Trap From Anywhere Miles Morales

The stealthy web takes hold of Spider-Man: Miles Morales also shames its predecessor. In Spider-Man PS4, Peter can only stealth canvas enemies while swinging over beams or ledges. Miles, on the other hand, can do it from any wall, ceiling, or ledge. This allows for a more versatile stealth playstyle – of which Peter is theoretically just as capable.

Miles Morales costume damage system must stay in Spider-Man PS5

Spider-Man PS5 Peter Miles costume damage

Although this does not affect the gameplay, Spider-Man: Miles Morales‘follows damage system adds extra immersion. When Miles takes damage, his costume degrades alongside his health bar. In Spider Man PS4, only certain cutscenes during the very first part allow the combinations to be damaged; otherwise, Peter’s costumes always remain immaculate. Reporting Miles Morales‘dynamic costume would do both Spider Man PS5 more cinematic and gives an additional visual cue to clearly indicate when the player is taking damage.

Peter Parker’s voice actor Yuri Lowenthal had not started working on Spider Man PS5 from February 2021, suggesting the sequel isn’t on its way anytime soon. However, both Spider Man the games heavily hinted at future scenarios. If Insomniac is already working on the game, he could very well incorporate these mechanics, probably also giving the protagonist even more abilities not seen in the original or Miles Morales.

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