When did vegans, Netflix, and cellphones first appear in the newspaper?



One of the first appearances of the vegan was in October 1971, when at the second meeting of the Association for Natural Health, it was announced that the president of the American Vegan (Vegetarian) Association was due to travel to Cork. to give a lecture on health.

The vegan only reappeared in March 1980, when an article on the ‘food fashions’ trend stated, “Most vegans and vegetarians have learned to fend for themselves and stay healthy. [without animal protein]”.

Lawyer 1913 and 1968

Avocado was the name of a horse in the early 1900s, so the word was first used on Wednesday May 8, 1913, in connection with a steed belonging to R Farquaharson that regularly appeared in the “Programs” section of the newspaper. for several years. .

It made its first appearance in the diet in May 1968 with a very dull recipe of half an avocado, seasoned with vinaigrette and served on a single leaf of lettuce. Delicious avocado toast it wasn’t.

Coca Light March 1983

Launched in Ireland in the spring of 1983, Diet Coke quickly became one of the fastest growing soft drink brands in Ireland. It is the arrival in Ireland, as reported by Irish Examiner in March 1983, was notable for being the first national launch outside of the United States.

Quarantine December 1841

We got used to the word quarantine a lot over the past year and a half, but the first mention of the word was in an article about the quarantine port in Odessa, Ukraine, which was known for its harsh conditions. Major outbreaks of bubonic plague occurred which claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people across Europe and so the crew of every foreign ship that passed Odessa were forced to undergo a period of confinement in the city. inside the city’s quarantine quarters. An article in the newspaper in December 1841 described guards armed with loaded muskets who would shoot down anyone who attempted to escape before being allowed.

Pandemic 1903

Another word we know all too well is pandemic and it first appeared in April 1903 in an article about the Cork Fever Hospital annual meeting. Diphtheria, typhoid fever and smallpox were discussed and the latest admission figures were released. Fortunately, there have only been two cases of smallpox, one “from the country and one from the city” and both have recovered well.

Epidemic in the early 1900s

Because some issues of the journal were destroyed or unrecoverable between 1916 and 1922, one of the first appearances of the word epidemic that could be found online appeared in January 1929 in connection with the influenza epidemic of the winter of 1928. / 1929. This was by no means the first epidemic – the Spanish flu raged in Europe in 1918. The Spanish flu consisted of four waves and many see it as the historical comparison to today’s pandemic as the diagnoses, treatments and vaccines were delayed in both cases.

Internet 1992

Tim Berners Lee changed life as we knew it when he invented the World Wide Web in 1990.

In Ireland, as in other countries, academic networks and information technology companies have pioneered the use of the Internet, primarily for storing and archiving books. Peter Flynn created Ireland’s first website, and only the ninth in the world at the time, while working at University College Cork, as reported in May 1992.

Wi-Fi 2001

We can’t live without it now, but wifi first appeared in the Examiner in September 2001. We still weren’t sure about the internet and an article by Tom Hickey revealed that only 135,000 Irish are believed to be. willing to buy something online. 51% of those polled that year by Deloitte and Touche were still not sure of the phenomenon. Fast forward 20 years and things are very different.

Cell phone 1985

The first ever cell phone call in Ireland took place on December 11, 1985 between then Communications Minister Jim Mitchel and Pat Kenny of RTÉ.

The first mention of a new “car mobile phone” appeared in the Examiner on December 13 of the same year, in reference to the famous appeal. EIRCELL was Ireland’s first mobile cellular network founded by Telecom Eireann and eventually acquired by Vodafone in 2001.

1968 Gold Pages

While we’re at it … Remember when we needed the phone book to find someone’s number? The Irish Classified Directory was first produced in 1968 and became available online in 1999. Where several million copies of directories were printed each year, telecommunications regulator ComReg announced in 2020 that the 2019 edition of the phone book would be the last due to the rapidly changing electronic communications market. The Golden Pages made their first appearance in the Examiner on December 11, 1968, in an advertisement urging business people to register.

DVD 1996

DVDs or digital versatile discs arrived in the late 90s. There was a time when a DVD player was one of the most ambitious products to sell in Ireland and sold for around £ 600.

The first mention of the now defunct DVD dates back to October 1996 in an article, signifying the end of video and CDs.

Netflix 2005

And then came Netflix. In 2005, many decided to throw away our DVD players because they were just taking up space and gathering dust with the introduction of Netflix. DVD rental stores have also suffered greatly. The first mention of Netflix was in May 2005, in an interview with the founder of Screenclick.com who had met Netflix while working in the United States. He was fired, moved home and created an Irish version of the DVD rental site.

1916 Vacation Package

People have been taking package holidays for over a century! The first mention of them appeared in an advertisement in July 1916 where a cheap trip to the Antrim coast from Cork would cost you £ 5.

Jumbo Jet 1966

As we all get used to the idea of ​​a return to overseas travel, giant planes were still a new phenomenon in the sixties. The first mention of the jumbo jet appeared in 1966 after it was announced that the US airline Pan Am had purchased 25 of the giant planes at a cost of £ 187million.

Concorde September 1973

Concorde, the first supersonic commercial passenger aircraft, was jointly built by British and French aircraft manufacturers. The Concorde made its first transatlantic crossing on September 26, 1973, and the word first appeared in the newspaper in 1969 when it stopped traffic as it flew over Paris.

Flip-flops 1969

Although flip-flops have been around for thousands of years (the earliest recorded use dates back to around 4000 BC in ancient Egypt), their first appearance in this article dates back to July 1969, in an advertisement for summer shoes. for children.

Caravan July 1936

1936 was a good year for caravan vacations, according to a report. That year, 150,000 Irish holidaymakers took advantage of caravan holidays. 85 years later, things are eerily similar as Irish holidaymakers embark on our second summer vacation.


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