Why does Marvel claim its heroes don’t know each other?



Spider-Man and the Scarlet Witch have crossed paths on several occasions in the past, but in Darkhold Alpha # 1, Peter acts like they’re complete strangers.

CAUTION SPOILER for Darkhold Alpha # 1!

Over the past decades, Marvel comics introduced fans to thousands of new heroes and villains, and it looks like Spider Man has trouble remembering all of them, and more specifically, Scarlet witch. That’s not entirely surprising considering the number of people he has interacted with throughout his long history. Still, Peter Parker would certainly remember meeting a famous hero like the Scarlet Witch, right? According to a new series, that’s not the case, as the wall-crawler acts like he doesn’t know Wanda Maximoff at all.

While Spidey and the Scarlet Witch don’t cross paths too often, they’ve interacted more than enough times for the Web-Slinger to know who she is. For example, the years 1983 Marvel Marching Band # 6, by Mike W. Barr, Sandy Plunkett, Philip Craig Russell, and Jim Novak, sees the two heroes team up to take on the evil wizard Xandu, with Spidey acknowledging Wanda from past encounters and saying, “How is your husband, the Vision …In the first pages of the issue. More recently, however, Marvel’s House of M The event should bring Wanda out in Peter’s memory. After all, the new reality that resulted from Wanda’s nervous breakdown caused Spidey severe trauma, as she managed to bring Uncle Ben and Gwen Stacy back from the dead, only to disappear again after that. everything is back to normal. After an excruciating experience like this, Spider-Man should easily remember who the Scarlet Witch is, but Darkhold Alpha # 1 suggests that the two are practically strangers.

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After Doctor Doom awakens the old god, Chthon, in Steve Orlando, Cian Tormey, Jesus Aburtov and Clayton Cowles’ Darkhold Alpha # 1, Scarlet Witch is forced to work with the Latverian ruler in hopes of stopping the ancient deity. As Doom decides to challenge the demonic foe head-on, Wanda decides to form a team of “Darkhold Defenders”, hoping that they will be able to repeat one of Chthon’s historic defeats. Her team consists of Iron Man, Blade, Wasp, Black Bolt, and Spider-Man, all of whom are removed from their ongoing adventures and teleported straight to her. Immediately after seeing the Scarlet Witch, Spidey asks: “Haven’t you dated a robot?

Darkhold Alpha Spider-Man and Scarlet Witch

While this is glossed over, fans wonder why Spidey apparently forgot about Wanda. As mentioned, Spider-Man has had more than a few run-ins with the Scarlet Witch, so his question here is totally weird. In fact, other details suggest the story is firmly anchored in Marvel canon. Victorious, a Doctor Doom trusted subject who premiered in 2018, is in attendance; Tony is partnering with Hellcat, a new development in his current line of comics; and Doom and Wanda bluntly recognize the Children’s crusade scenario in which Doom stole Wanda’s powers. Given all of this information, Spider-Man should not only be fully aware of who Wanda is, but he should also know who Vision is, that calling Vision a robot (as opposed to a synthezoid) is offensive, that both Wanda and Vision are offensive. have faced prejudices. because of the nature of Vision while they were together, that Wanda was married to Vision, and that their relationship ended because Wanda’s breakup led to Vision’s brutal destruction and ultimately the events of House of M.

Ultimately, the reason for Spidey’s sudden memory loss comes down to writing. Sometimes comic book writers will just claim that the heroes don’t have decades of continuity and connectivity between them. It can absolutely be a useful writing tool, but in a comic book where continuity is clearly on the line, it looks particularly blatant and serves as a jarring note in an otherwise good story. With a bit of luck, wonder will avoid this kind of inconsistency in the future, because if readers have to assume Spider Man remembers his own life, then his question to Scarlet witch just comes across as mean.

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