Why Marvel Ditched a Spider-Man Change, Calling It Too Dangerous

Spider-Man’s brief tenure as a high school teacher was a good idea – but it was short-lived due to the danger he posed to others.

Despite being the most famous photographer in The Daily Bugle, Spider-Man has actually held a number of different jobs over the years. While his tenure as a scientist for organizations like Horizon Labs was an interesting diversion for the character, one of the most surprising – and most fitting – was a much more mundane position.

Spider-Man spent a few short years working as a teacher in Midtown High. But the sheer danger of his secret identity is why it ended up being just a brief chapter in the Wall-Crawler’s life instead of a permanent change for the character.

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In The Incredible Spider-Man # 30 by J. Michael Straczynski and John Romita Jr, Spider-Man found himself increasingly drawn to the part of New York where he grew up. Finding himself outside of Midtown High, Peter finally sees how this has changed and the tone of the student body – and chooses to do something about it by becoming a teacher. Arriving at school the next issue, Peter (with the help of a chemistry student he inspired) managed to defeat a gunman who had arrived at the school. When the science teacher left the post, Peter took the vacant post and quickly found a place in the school, trying to adjust to the world of education.

The new setting set the stage for a number of new characters in Spider-Man’s Orbit, including lead Roger Harrington and PE trainer Kyle Jacoby. Other characters in Peter’s story, like Flash Thompson, would also find themselves brought to school. In theory, Peter becoming a teacher is a great idea. This ties him to his high school years in a unique way, while still allowing him to retain the experience and intellect he has gained over the years.

He embraces his history as a genius inventor, allowing him to inspire new generations more than just a superhero, and giving him a whole new set of new storylines and characters to interact with. He also saved the school population on several occasions from various threats that attacked the hallways and could have introduced many new characters to the world of Spider-Man.

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Spider-Man Midtown High Teacher 3

However, Peter Parker’s alter ego as Spider-Man ultimately proved why it was a bad decision to put him in this position. Harrington would ultimately be targeted and murdered by the Chameleon of an Alternate Reality, which followed Spider-Man to this day. Flash Thompson’s time at school was complicated by the Green Goblin, who used him as a pawn against Peter in the “Death in the Family” storyline. Peter Parker: Spider-Man # 44-47 by Paul Jenkins and Humberto Ramos.

This resulted in Flash being forcibly drunk and put behind the wheel of a truck which collided with the school. Ero – created as the opposite of Spider-Man as part of the spinoff of “The Other” story, posed as a school nurse, Miss Arrow, and threatened the lives of Peter and several others in Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Being Spider-Man simply brought too much attention to the school and put staff and students at risk. Ultimately, Spider-Man ended up giving up his teaching job when he became increasingly important to the era of the New Avengers. The events of Civil war and the resulting exposure of his identity also increasingly put the student body at risk, and Peter moved further and further away from school during this time.

Peter’s work at Midtown High was more or less rendered irrelevant by the events of “One More Day,” which allowed Spider-Man to become a more exploratory character and return to his roots as a freelance writer on the Web. But for a short time, being a teacher was a great position for Peter Parker, but a dangerous one for Spider-Man.

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