Why Sony’s Madame Web Movie Needs To Include A Spider-Man

Madame Web, recently announced by Sony, looks like the least likely comic book movie, but the looks of a certain Webslinger might justify it.

Sony’s next official live-action Spider-Verse project has been announced, and it’s Madame Web. It’s certainly a shocking turn of events, even for ardent Webslinger fans. After all, the Good Lady was prominent in comics of the 80s and 90s, as well as the 90s. Spider Man cartoon, but these days it’s a fairly forgotten relic. She’s also never really helmed a solo story, making this potential movie a headache.

One way the movie could succeed, however, is to have Spidey himself in a fairly prominent role. The jury is still out on who the official Spider-Man of the Sony Spider-Verse is, and it’s absolutely imperative that this movie work. Here’s why Spider-Man needs to be there to unravel Madame’s web.

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Who is Madame Web and how is she connected to Spider-Man?

Madame Web made her debut in The Amazing Spider-Man #210 and was the creation of Denny O’Neil and John Romita Jr. A psychic mutant, she suffered from a debilitating disease that left her tied to a life support system. Despite this drawback, she has used her mental abilities for good, repeatedly aiding Spider-Man in the pursuit of justice. Her ties to Spidey deepened over the years, which was ironic considering her last name, Webb, and she was also the grandmother of the fourth Spider-Woman.

Although she’s continued to pop up over the years, Madame Web’s biggest claim dates back to the ’90s. Spider-Man: The Animated Series, where she was voiced by Joan Lee, Stan Lee’s wife. There, she guided Spider-Man through his dealings with the multiverse, an idea that could inform his live-action movie.

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Why Spider-Man has to appear in the Madame Web movie

To be frank, nobody cares about Madame Web without Spider-Man. She’s not like Morbius and Venom, who both had multiple adventures independent of the Wall-Crawler. Madame Web’s goal has always been to be a cast member of Spider-Man, who never really has any adventures. The potential for these adventures is limited by her disabilities, and she is only really suited to a mentor-type role.

So, Spider-Man himself desperately needs to show up in some form to justify this movie’s existence. This would serve two purposes if done well: not only would it increase interest in a Madame Web movie of all things, but it would finally reveal who the official Spider-Man of Sony’s Spider-Verse is. Many suspected Morbiusthe Venom movies and all other Spidey-related movies will be revealed to be in the same continuity as The Amazing Spider-Man movies. If that is the case, Madame Web could skip multiversal antics introduced in Spider-Man: No Coming Home by having his guide and watching over the new Andrew Garfield Spider-Man.

Even though it’s a small plot point in the entire movie, the trailers should make a Spider-Man connection right from the tear. Otherwise, even hardcore fans might keep rolling their eyes at a Madame Web movie in progress. Similarly, the general public really has nothing to cling to. Venom was already a popular character in his own right, while Morbius, while far less well-known, at least has the vampire angle going for it. Madame Web, on the other hand, has never woven a particularly well-known web, so she’ll likely have to rely on Spider-Man to do it for her.

Madame Web has not yet received a release date.

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