Writer Kelly Marcel to direct Tom Hardy in Sony sequel

Venom 3 found its director in Kelly Marcel, who previously wrote the screenplays for Tom Hardy’s first two outings as Sony’s lead character Spider Man Franchise Universe.

Director Ruben Fleischer directed the first Venom movie and officially kicked off Sony’s Spider-Man universe, a franchise made up of characters tied to the wall-crawling robot in the comics. Andy Serkis took over directing duties for the sequel, Venom: let there be carnage, but Marcel’s relationship with Hardy while writing and producing the two episodes obviously landed him the job of director for Venom 3.


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Deadline reports that Marcel will take on executive duties for Venom 3 while also serving as producer and writing the screenplay. Hardy has already announced that Marcel is returning to write the Venom 3 script earlier this year, and insiders say Marcel became the obvious choice to direct the film as the two began developing the story together. Hardy and Marcel would have agreed on the franchise from the beginning, and it continued as they agreed on how to wrap up the final chapter of the Venom film series. Of course, Marcel won’t be the only producer, as Hardy also takes on the role along with Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach, Amy Pascal and Hutch Parker.

Venom 3 plot details are under wraps at this time, and it’s currently unknown which (if any) of the previous two films will return alongside Hardy. Since Venom: let there be carnage hitting theaters, Sony’s Spider-Man universe added Jared Leto Morbius to the franchise, with Dakota Johnson’s Madame Web and that of Aaron Taylor-Johnson Kraven the hunter currently in various stages of production. Whether Leto’s Morbius, Johnson’s Madame Web, Taylor-Johnson’s Kraven the Hunter, or any other newcomer to the Spider-Man universe join Hardy’s Lethal Protector in Venom 3 is a mystery at the moment.

Of course, Sony may or may not want to see how Madame Web and Kraven the Hunter are received by audiences before making any crossovers. After Morbius flopped at the box office, there may not be much desire to see these characters meet on the big screen, especially given the Venom the films also failed to receive rave reviews, despite their box office success.

While some believe Morbius Proves Sony’s Cinematic Universe Will Fail, Others Believe That Venom movies are entertaining enough to have a strong framework for projects like Madame Web and Kraven the hunter Build on. Time will tell, but with Venom 3 set to be Hardy’s final outing in the role, Sony will have to step up its game when its most successful character (who isn’t Spider-Man) steps down.

Venom 3 is in development at Sony Pictures.

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Source: Deadline

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